MANU2078 Computer Integrated Manufacturing –

MANU2078 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Assignment 1 – CAM (Due on 25 Aug 2015)
In this assignment you are expected to use EdgeCAM to generate CNC tool path for the milling of the three-dimensional geometry model your group designed. The model and tool path are supposed to be used in the CNC lab sessions which will commence in Week 8. However, you can design a new model for the CNC lab if you do not want to use this one.
Resources available:
1.    Ball end cutter:
?1mm (3 mm long *), ?2 mm (5 mm long), ?3 mm (8 mm long), ?6 mm (10 mm long)
2.    Flat end cutter:
?1mm (3 mm long), ?2 mm (5 mm long), ?3 mm (8 mm long), ?6 mm (10 mm long)
3.    Dimension of workpiece:
150 mm  × 100 mm  × 25 mm. Margins left in Y direction should be larger than 5 mm to reduce the risk of collision between the vice and cutting tool.
* Length of cutting edge
1.    Total machining time should not exceed 60 min unless the geometry is extremely complex.  Less than 45 min is preferred.
2.    CAD models downloaded from internet are allowed.
3.    This is an individual assignment
4.    Use screen shot to assist your description
5.    Format:
There is no specific requirement on the format of the report. You just need to follow the general format which may include Introduction, Method/Procedure, Results/Discussion, Conclusion and Student Feedback (optional).
In the Discussion section, you may like to answer following questions:
–    What strategies were used to optimize your tool path?
–    How effective were the strategies? How much time was reduced?
–    What problems have you encountered?
–    Your solutions
6.    Production:
–    Font size: 11 or 12
–    Style: Book Antiqua, Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial
–    Single space in each paragraph
7.    Documents to be submitted online:
–    The report
–    CAD model
–    EdgeCAM file (“.epf” file)
8.    Assignment due on 25 August. Late submission without pre-approval will be not accepted.
Extension request in following unexpected circumstances are normally acceptable: bereavement, unexpected illness, religious observance grounds, or community services.  Extension request for more than 1 week should be submitted to RMIT Special Consideration Unit.

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