marketing campaign presentation

In this assignment, you assume the role of Director of Marketing and you are attending a meeting with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the executive team. You have been asked to deliver the presentation you prepared on your proposed Marketing Campaign. The CMO has asked you to keep the length of your presentation to no more than 7 minutes. Due to this time limit, you must present your message as concisely, cogently and convincingly as possible, in order to obtain the approval of the executive team for your proposal.

You will use the Marketing Campaign slide deck that you developed in Assignment 2. Remember that during the presentation, you as Presenter are the main focus for the audience. Your slide deck serves only as a visual aid to support your message. Start with an impactful opening statement to engage your audience and clearly establish the context and purpose of the presentation § Keep your comments succinct, clear, and focused on the goal of obtaining support for your campaign proposal § End with a closing statement that highlights the reasons why the executive team should agree to your proposal and explains how your campaign will benefit the company.

Your presentation will be assessed using the below criteria: • An impactful opening statement is used to engage the audience and set context for the audience • Presenter exhibits a confident and professional presence, uses an appropriate tone for a business setting, and establishes a connection to the audience • Presenter does not read the text from slides, but restates the content in other words • An impactful closing statement is used to indicate anticipated benefits for the company and recommend the proposal to the executive team • Communication is targeted and succinct, delivering a clear and persuasive message • Presenter is the focus; slides are used as a visual aid to support thepresentation goals • Presentation adheres to the five to seven minutes time limit .

these are the professors recommendations: good effort on completing and submitting your Part B slides. It was a good finish for the overall project. One area to have improved upon can be found on the Social Media Strategy slide. The expectation here regarding Universe Size, for example, Facebook, is too general to say Global but rather 2.41 billion active users. This required some additional research on your part. Under Ideal Demographics, when you stated, “Youth adults,” what does that mean exactly? ages 13-19? 19-25? Youth Adults is a little too general.

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