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1) Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning positioning analysis?

Positioning analysis focuses on customer related dimensions.
Positioning analysis is not a product-oriented approach.
Positioning analysis is a visual aid to understanding a product-market.
Positioning analysis shows that managers and customers usually view present brands similarly.
2) Swanson Beverages, Inc. is using __________ to compare the strengths and weaknesses of its current target market and marketing mix with what its competitors are doing (or are likely to do).

competitor analysis
brand positioning
marketing mix review


3) The direct market environment:

includes customers, the company, and competitors.
consists of variables that can be controlled.
is broader in scope than the external environment.
includes economic and technological environments.
4) AT&T reacted to the popularity of the cellular phone by adding several cellular models to its line of regular phones. The availability and popularity of cellular phones is most likely due to changes in which two environments?

Political and cultural
Technological and legal
Legal and economic
Social and technological
5) The greatest growth in the world’s population over the next several years will come from:Answer

Western Europe.
Russia and the nations of the former Soviet bloc.


6) If American firm Boeing sets up a factory in China, then the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figure for China __________ include those profits and the Gross National Income (GNI) __________.


would; would not


would; would as well


would not; also would not


would not; would


7) Alpine Auto Repair keeps a record of customer oil changes and sends a reminder postcard to its customers when it is time for the next oil change. This is an example of:Answer

customer relationship management.
qualifying dimensions.
a positioning matrix.
8) Which of the following refers to a market situation where one firm completely controls a broad product-market?Answer

Monopolistic competition
Pure competition
9) A well recognized brand or patent is considered to be what kind of strength?
Marketing strength
Financial strength
Production strength
Engineering strength
10) Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning economic environment?

The economic environment of an individual country has little effect on other countries.
The economic environment refers to the application of science to convert resources to output.
The economic environment includes changes in interest rates and inflation.
The economic environment has little impact on an organization’s marketing strategy.





11) How can a positioning analysis help a marketing manager identify target market opportunities? If you were a marketing manager for your cell phone company, what would you include in a positioning analysis for that company?
Your response should be at least 300 words in length.


12) How might a firm’s resources limit its search for opportunities? Cite two specific examples for two specific resources.
Your response should be at least 300 words in length.


13) What percentage of U.S. families received incomes of $112,638 and over in 2007?


14) Which of the following statements is TRUE with regard to retail buying?

Most retail buyers see themselves as purchasing agents for their suppliers.
Buying committees, instead of individual retail buyers, may make the buying decisions.
Retail buyers make most purchases as modified rebuys.
Retailers typically only carry products that they have judged “socially desirable.”


15) Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding U.S. business and organizational customers?

More goods and services are purchased by business and organizational customers than by final consumers.
There are more business and organizational customers than final consumers.
There are more manufacturers than all other types of business and organizational customers combined.
More goods and services are purchased by government buyers than by all other business and organizational customers.


16) Which of the following statements BEST describes a purchasing manager?

A purchasing manager is basically a clerk who fills out paperwork to place orders.
A purchasing manager is the only person a business-to-business salesperson ever needs to see in order to make a sale with a buying organization.
A purchasing manager may specialize by product area if he/she works for a large organization.
A purchasing manager is only interested in finding the lowest possible price for a product.


17) Limited problem solving is used:

when consumers put much effort into deciding how to satisfy a need.
for purchases that have little importance or relevance for the customer.
mostly for impulse purchases.
by consumers when some effort is required in deciding the best way to satisfy a need.


18) Regarding the government market:

sales reps generally do not (and should not) write the specifications for government business.
government is the largest customer group in the United States–spending about 30% of the GDP.
governments buy a lot, but only of certain products and can be safely ignored by most producers.
negotiated contracts are uncommon because of mandatory bidding procedures.


19) A hospital or a law firm is considered a __________ type of organizational customer?



20) While planning a vacation, Shelby visited the website of a package tour provider and closed a pop-up ad without even noticing what it was for. This is an example of:

selective retention.
selective exposure.
selective perception.
selective learning.


21) You have just been asked by your manager to compile data on firms in California that have a specific 4-digit NAICS code. You should know:


that there are no 4-digit NAICS codes.
that there is only one firm to find, since each firm has its own 4-digit NAICS code.
that it is possible that no data will be available, even if there is one large firm in California in that 4-digit industry.
that your manager is talking about the New Auto Industry Classification Survey.


22) Which of the following statements about reinforcement DESCRIBES the learning process?

A cue is a strong stimulus that drives an individual.
Learning occurs only when a drive is satisfied.
Reinforcement strengthens the relationship between a cue and a response.
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