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As this class progresses, you will have the opportunity to apply the course concepts to build a complete marketing plan (due week 7). For each assignment, you will complete different sections of the attached Marketing Plan Template and submit the document for grading. As you work on your plan throughout the class, you may go back and adjust sections to include new information learned or to incorporate instructor feedback.

Due Week 1

Complete Section I of the attached MKT 308 Marketing Plan Template. In this section you will introduce the company and product or service for your marketing plan. This should be a new product or service, or a new positioning or market for an existing product or service. You must get approval from your instructor before proceeding with this topic.

In Week 1 you should address the following elements in approximately 500 words:

    • I.A. Product/Service Description.
    • I.B. Mission Statement and Values.
    • I.C. Marketing Objectives.
  • Format your template text using attached template.
  • Include a minimum of two sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections.
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