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marketing & services management
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As a guide you should:
Critically evaluate how service quality models can be useful in sustaining customer relationships. Illustrate your answers with examples from commercial business situations (100 marks)
In this coursework I need critically the wheel of loyalty (who to build relationships with customer) and should talk on gabs model of services quality and should be answer this fore questions
• Critically discuss the academic literature on service quality models (25 marks)
• Critically discuss the literature on sustaining customer relationships (25 marks)
• Critically evaluate the connections between service quality models and the customer relationships literature (25 marks)
• Provide examples from commercial business situations as to how service quality models may sustain customer relationships (25 Marks)
Ensure that your arguments are clear and logical and where appropriate include academic sources, i.e. academic journal papers, which add weight to your points raised.
My work must be correctly referenced throughout in the Harvard format

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