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Topic: MBA – Hospitality Management
Order Description
1. I require an executive summary to which I have paid for an extra page, essay needs to be 2500 words,
2. Require 8 PEER REVIEWED articles as reference materials?All references must be from credible sources such as books, industry related journals, magazines, company documents and recent academic articles
3. HARVARD referencing.
4. Please choose a resort that is situated in NSW Australia
5. Instructions refer to The five production systems: they are: Service transactions systems, maintenance systems, repair systems, distribution systems and product production system – Please ensure these are included in the essay as per instructions
6. Please show appendicies as instructed below.
7. Our textbook being used is Principles of Management for the hospitality industry.
I will attach the style and assignment guide please ensure these are followed.
Assignment Question
Choose a luxury resort in a country or destination with which you are familiar. Imagine it is facing new, vigorous competition. You have just become a senior manager and are required to develop a strategic plan for the next two years. As part of your report, provide a brief initial overview of the resort including a brief SWOT analysis and the five production systems used. Then make recommendations for:
a.The key strategic planning steps that need to be taken.
b.The key strategic marketing decisions that need to be made (referring to the 4Ps of marketing and customer relation management).
c.The key recruitment/selection processes for new employees that will be required.
You may use appendices to present summaries of collected data or additional information about the resort. (This is not part of the word count.)

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