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Dear Write Please read the below very carefully and apply all in the assignment. The company is Mc donalds,( please focus on UAE market) assignment to be in business report format
For a brand of your choice: (Mc donalds)
1.Explain either the five stage consumer decision-making process (Blackwell et al., 2005) or the buy phases: the organizational decision making process (Robinson et al., 1967) model of buying behaviour. (10 marks)
2. Relate this model to the brand you have chosen. (20 marks)
3. Describe how the market the brand operates in can be segmented and which sections of the market the brand targets. (20 Marks)
4. How is the product/service positioned in the consumer’s mind? (10 marks)
5. Describe four political, economic, social technological (PEST) factors that may impact upon the brand in the next five years. (20 marks)
6.Outline how the marketing mix might be adjusted to take account of these changes. (20 marks)
Learning outcomes covered: 1, 3 and 4
Length: Maximum 3000 words. Note you will be marked down if you exceed this limit
References for Q1
Blackwell, R.D., Miniard, P.W. and Engle, J.F. (2005) Consumer behaviour, Orlando, Florida: Dryden
Robinson, P.J., Farris, C.W. and Wind, Y. (1967). Introducing buying and creative marketing, Boston, Mass: Allyn &Bacon.
The two models are explained in any decent text in consumer and organizational buying behaviour, so do not worry if you cannot get the above sources.
•Guidance Notes
•Focus on a brand in a particular market e.g. Both Emirates and McDonalds operate in many markets so focusing on all of their brands and markets is impossible.
•The best marks are normally achieved by students who focus on a single brand in a single market (UAE market) as this allows more depth and explanation in their answer.
•Reference your work carefully see Coventry University guide at
•References are required for all questions. However, these do not need to be lengthy. Do not attempt to impress the examiner by citing a long list of references that you have not used.
•You only need to use secondary sources, you are not expected to conduct primary research.
•The total coursework length is expected to be 3,000 words (plus or minus 10%). Avoid going substantially over this limit as you will be penalised in your mark.

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