memorandum 22

Performance Review/Key Takeaway

*This exercise should be completed by all business professionals enrolled in this class. If you have questions -please send me a message via Blackboard/My Messages.

Self-Assess/Reflect on your semester’s performance and presentation (Elevator Pitch) – think about if you had the opportunity to “redo” your performance and/or presentation – What could you improve? Did this exercise improve your understanding about working daily (real-time) to project/communicate a professional presence (credibility)?

Reminder: Establishing Credibility- The professor observed “my performance” during the reality-based semester. Based on this observation, the professor asked each business professional enrolled in the class personalized questions related to their major (all semester and before the presentation). This imitated an industry performance review. The class exercise required each business professional –all semester and for the presentation – to present a “real-time” Elevator Pitch, concise statement to market your brand, e.g. explain who you are, your major, what value you offer a prospective employer or during the semester identify skills in terms of continuous improvement, e.g. unknown skillsets ( team-based, project management, etc.), find your voice (develop/enhance communication skills or impromptu speaking, etc.).

Instructions: Based on your self-assessment/reflection about your performance and/or presentation list your identified skillset – then write (MAXIMUM) five concise sentences focusing on your plan in terms of: what to repeat OR what to change – in class performance and/or presentation (Elevator Pitch).

Draft a short memorandum – Review the format for the Memorandum in the course’s textbook- See Appendix B –Sample Memo OR the instructions for the first assignment Memorandum. In this assignment you will need to format the Memorandum’s Header: TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT.

TO: Dr. Nealy

FROM: Your Name

Date: Current Date

Subject: Performance Review/Key Takeaway

Double Space

Then start your paragraph (single spaced) : List Skillset: Write five sentences


Business Writing: I plan to………

Team Skills: I plan to…..

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