mgt 4800 strategic planning company research presentation

You should assume the role of a consultant employed to present your analysis and recommendations to the assigned company’s senior management.

All presentations should incorporate the use of professional and effective PowerPoint slides.

Your grade on the presentation will be based on four factors:

1.The clarity and thoroughness with which you identiy and articulate the problems facing the company and the issues which management needs to address

2.The caliber (depth and breadth) of you analysis of the company’s situation and demonstrated ability to use the concepts and tools of strategic analysis in a competent fashion

3.The breadth, depth, and practicality of your recommendations, degree of detail and specificity of recommended actions, caliber of supporting arguments

4.The caliber of your PowerPoint slides

  1. There are no set number of slides required. Just make sure your answer all the assigned questions.
  2. Speaker notes are required for each slide. They are short statements at the bottom of the slide – not paragraphs – that represent what you would say about the slide content. They indicate your command of the slide material.
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