mission mgt 1

1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Locate the vision statement of an organization of your choice, and explain the vision statement’s importance.
  • Does it seem relevant in today’s environment or is it outdated? Explain your reasoning.
  • What improvements would you recommend for the vision statement?

2. Respond to the following classmates:


11/28/19, 9:00 PM

We have a local hospital here that is about 280 beds. 1-2 years ago they decided to reconstruct the mission statement, vision statement, and values. To be honest what they had in place previously was too long and not to the point. The current vision statement for our local county hospital is: To be the number one choice for hospitals, for the people in our region. Vision statements should be brief, direct, and easy to remember. They should also reflect what the business hopes to accomplish. As a hospital’s vision statement it does seem relevant to today’s needs and better than what they had in place previously. I feel that it helps draw attention to what the hospital wants people to think about them. It took a lot of collaboration to discuss and decide on a new vision statement for them. It is important to consider your audience and the impression that you are wanting to represent.

I couldn’t tell you what the vision statement was previously and so I feel that they made a good decision regarding changing and improving it.

3. Respond to the following classmates:


11/28/19, 6:54 PM

Twitter Inc. vision is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers. Our business and revenue will always follow that mission in ways that improve and do not detract from a free and global conversation. The importance of the vision statement is to describe the organization’s purpose. Vision statements also give direction for employee behavior and help provide inspiration. It describes the company’s long term plan for what they’ll be able to accomplish, who they will help, and how the company will then be perceived. Twitter is currently relevant in the growth of the social media uprise. However, Ranking in at #3 on receiving a considerable amount of negative coverage. Stating that the amount of characters given to express ourselves is not adequate space. According to Dan Price, author of an article titled The top 20 social media apps. and sites of 2019, Twitter “doesn’t exactly promote reasoned debate, and the presence of millions of fake bots only serves to erode the experience further.” So to answer questions asked, Twitter’s vision is definitely outdated as of now but was definitely accurate in their group and intentions.

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