motive data collection and empirical analysis spss research methods excel academic quantitative journal article

You should create a theme, design the questionnaire, and have the respondents fill out the questionnaire

Part 1: Introduction: research motive and problem analysis (around 200 words)

More specifically this part should include a very brief background to your research


  • Why does this research need to be carried out?
  • Is there a gap/debate in the literature?
  • Part 2: Research framework: literature and hypothesis (around 600 words)

    More specifically this part should include a very brief review of literature to outline relevant concepts. It should lead into an outline of your research questions or/and hypotheses.

    Part 3: Research Design: Data collection and Empirical Analysis (around 850 words)

    This part is the core methodology hence it should show how you constructed your questionnaire (why those questions – relate to your Part 2), which are your secondary data sources, your sampling strategy, data collection procedures and how you imputed loaded the data into SPSS

    Part 4: Analysis: Analysis and discussion of results (around 850 words)

    This part is the continuation of Part 3 hence it should include the analysis of your collected data as well as the justification of the chosen statistical tests. It is vital that, in this part, you relate back to Parts 1 and 2 (i.e. what research questions you wanted to answer).

    Part 5: Conclusions: Reflection of findings, limitations and ethical considerations (around 500 words)

    This part forms the concluding remarks of your work. Hence, it should report and discuss your findings, possible limitations of your work as well as any research implications and/or relevance for management.

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