MS Project 2

Predecessors and Successors I


Please write all your response in a single MS Word document covering all questions and exercises, and paste (do not attach) the screen shots into the document in-line with your textIt makes it much easier to read — and gradePlease include screen shots of each step, not just one screen shot before or one after.


Note: These are not trick questions, though (as with many of the MS Project exercises) you need to read them carefullySome people seem to misread the question and do the wrong thing.

These questions are based on the First Project (MS Project 1)



1.  You’ve seen how to enter the predecessors for a taskWhat is one method to enter successors (that’s right, successors, not predecessors) for an MS project task(Note: This is not asking how to display the Successors column; that’s the next questionThis asks how to enter successors for a task.Describe AND provide a screen shot of the steps.


2.  What is one method to show the successors field (column)Describe AND provide a screen shot of the steps.


3.  What is one method to enter the project start dateNot the start date of a task (that’s a different question, below) — not even of the first task — but the start date of the entire projectDescribe AND provide a screen shot of the steps.


4.  What version of MS Project did you use for this?


Due JUNE 17th

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