Multicultural Issues in Corrections –

1. How do you build rapport with inmates of diverse cultural backgrounds while remaining neutral across all backgrounds represented in the correctional setting?
Although health care professionals are trained in cultural competence, does this reach across working with criminals? Should health care policies within a correctional setting be influenced by
cultural beliefs, particularly when others’ health may be effected? Explain. For example, an inmate serving 20 years in prison refuses to be vaccinated due to religious beliefs.
2. A male to female transgendered woman has been placed in a minimal security jail and is housed in the male pod due to her gender assignment at birth. She has male genetalia at this time, but had
“top surgery” 2 years ago with breast implants. She reports to the medical staff that she is being harrassed and by male inmates in her unit and is afraid she may be sexually assaulted. How should
this be handled? What rights does she have as a transgendered person living in corrections? Is she being housed appropriately?

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