museum review 3

Students will have the opportunity to earn up to 200 points for their review of their experience at a museum of their choosing as it relates to course materials. Proof of attendance is required and papers without proof of attendance attached will not be accepted for credit. The only acceptable proof of attendance will include a dated ticket stub or a signed notice from an event representative. Because this project is an analysis, no citations are necessary and absolutely no internet resources may be used.It will be assumed that students will be using the course textbook and lectures as resources for this assignment.

La Plaza de Cultura y Artes

The paper should cover the following sections:

  1. Explain why this museum relates to politics or political science. Students should focus on concepts related to class such as civil liberties, campaigns, political parties, the media, government institutions, etc. The focus of this section should be politics, not just historical events related to political institutions. If historical events are discussed, it should be explained why these events are related to political science. Questions to consider include, but are not limited to:
  • What political elements were highlighted at this museum?
  • Which civil liberty issues were relevant to this experience?
  • Which Supreme Court cases are related to topics that are discussed at this museum?
  • How were elections highlighted at this museum?
  • How was the media influential in the items highlighted at the museum?
  • What items from lecture or reading materials were also presented at the museum? How are these concepts highlighted by museum exhibits?
  • 2 Discuss why this museum’s content might be relevant in our current political climate. Use information you have learned in this course to critique the experience provided by the museum. Some questions to consider are:
    • How might this museum impact your community?
    • How might citizens benefit from political information provided by this museum experience?
    • What are the connections between the information provided at the museum and current events?
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