Museum Website Scavenger Hunt Worksheet –

Museum Website Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
*NOTE: Please use the “List of Recommended Websites for Art Museums” as a resource to complete Part A.
? PART A: Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Eras
1) Choose ONE of the following visual arts media:
o Painting
o Sculpture
o Architecture
2) Browse the University of Phoenix Material: List of Recommended Websites for Art Museums (which I have uploaded for you). Choose ONE example of your chosen visual arts medium (above) from each of the time periods below:
o Middle Ages (400–1300 CE)
o Renaissance (1400–1600 CE)
o Baroque Era (1600–1750 CE)
*Note: EACH EXAMPLE should be from a DIFFERENT museum website.
3) Complete the following table for each of your selected artworks from each period:
Middle Ages Renaissance Baroque
Name of artwork
Name of museum
Link to work of art
Purpose of artwork
Date created
Place created
Name of artist
4) Provide a brief description of each work of art (around 100 words each):
Middle Ages
5) Summarize, in roughly 150-words, how aesthetic values in the visual arts changed over the course of these three concurrent eras.
Aesthetic Values in Visual Arts
**Note: Please be sure to cite all sources in APA format.
**See next page for Part B.
? PART B: Neoclassical and Romanticism Eras
1) Research Théodore Géricault, The Raft of the Medusa and Eugène Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People: July 28, 1830.
2) Review pp. 485 & 488 of your text (which I have uploaded for you)
3) Answer the following three (3) questions (100-150 words for each question):
a. How does Théodore Géricault express the neoclassical ideal of humanitarianism through his painting, The Raft of the Medusa?
b. How does Eugène Delacroix express the Romantic ideals of individual freedom and autonomy through his painting, Liberty Leading the People?
c. In your analysis, how do Neoclassical ideals precipitate the aesthetics of Romanticism in these two works of art?
**Note: Please be sure to cite all sources in APA format.

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