Nancy carol

1. Of the three chemical bonds discussed in class, which of them is simultaneously the weakest and most important for life on this planet as we know it?

2.Carbohydrates are very important sources of energy for life. Plants and arthropods also use carbohydrates as components of structures that are very important for their existence. Provide the names of the two most important carbohydrate based structures (one for plants and one for arthropods) and the carbohydrate components that are used to form them.

3._____________ _____________ are joined by ______________ bonds to form proteins.

4.Proteins can be used for several functions. Provide examples of structural and metabolic functions of proteins.

5.Describe the phosholipid bilayer of the plasma membrane. Why is this bilayer important for the formation of cells and the sequestration of chemical reactions within the cell?

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