narrative essay 31

Essay Prompt : When people make changes in their lives, such as moving to a new country or a new town or school, they often are faced with challenges. Think about a time in your life or the life of someone you know that was challenge. Write a story that describes how the challenge was faced

Story Plot : you just finished high school in Viet Nam and ready to leave your family and friends for college in America, SUY ONEONTA STATE UNIVERSITY. At the very young age (18), some challenges you might face in the new environment :

– Alone by yourself with Americans surroundings, very rare of Vietnamese/ Asian population

-Realized you also have no room mate throughout the semester, no life experiences in America just yet

+ figure out everything by yourself

Morals/ Lesson learned : if you have confident and learn how to be independent then you can overcome the problem very easy. It will also help you from a young teenager to grow more mature

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