narrowing topic for in depth focus

I want to begin writing my thesis but I have a problem refining my topic. If you are good at writing theses and dissertations please help me narrow my topic to make it more focused so that I can conduct an in-depth analysis and research.

The Topic: Leadership challenges when managing a global, multi ethnical workforce (looks too general).

My professor says I can focus on few of the following questions through a more narrowed defined scope:

The topic direct application benefits when completed but has a scope that will require narrowing for in-depth focus.

The topic is phrased more like a module paper than a research study topic. For example, how will you measure the results of your identification and minimization proposals/options?

1. How will you identify the cause-and-effect relationship between leadership and the global/ multi-ethnical workforce?

2. Will you be using the Hofstede’s factors in comparison with leadership styles?

3. How will you narrow the cause and effect between business challenges and leadership challenges?

4. What will be the difference between multi-ethnical, multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-faith, or the differences in ex pats between cultures these employees were raised and the cultures they are employed?

What I want:

1. Consider the factors indicated above and make my topic narrow and more focused.

2. Come up with at least three topics

3. Select the best topic and in 100 words, explain why you think it is viable.

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