need done tongiht topic 1 and topic 2

Topic 1

Taking Sides: Using Deadly Force to Defend Property

In the wake of the famous court decision of Katko v. Briney, 183 N.W. 657 (IA 1971) most states do not allow the use of deadly force in order to protect property. However, Texas allows its residents to do so in limited circumstances. Review the Katko v. Briney and the Texas statute sources below.

Source: Supreme Court of Iowa. Retrieved from…

Source: Deadly Force To Protect Property. Retrieved from….

If your last name begins with A–M, please argue in favor of this statute and the allowance of using deadly force to protect your property. If your last name begins with N–Z, please argue against this statute and the use of deadly force to protect property. Please include all moral and public policy considerations in your answer.

Topic 2

Criminal Law In The News: Op-Ed

Research current events related to the course topics covered in Unit 6 and post at least one of these events to the Discussion. Within your posting, describe how your chosen item ties in to a review of the material in this unit. You may use the Library or any other outside resource for your research. Be sure to use proper citation format. Review your fellow students’ postings and respond to at least one event posting throughout the week.

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