need help with a project on environment social governance esg reporting and ethics

Part 1: Short Paper (two pages double spaced; 600 words or a little longer is okay)

Select either a U.S. or foreign company. Provide some background on the company and then discuss what they are doing related to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. The company does not have to call this “ESG” reporting but the reporting should be in at least dome areas related to environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance. Include in your discussion the ethical implications of this reporting, and anything else you might see related to the ethics of the company.

Below are possible companies recommended in your Garrison textbook Prologue (p. 15):

Procter & Gamble


Eli Lilly and Company




Johnson & Johnson

Baxter International

Abbott laboratories,


PNC Bank


Southwest Airlines


You may also be able to find a company of interest in the Corporate Register site which has many “corporate responsibility” reports which will have the ESG type of information. Go to corporate and complete a simple, free registration process.

Part 2: PowerPoint Presentation File (1.25%of final grade)

Include interesting points about the company, their ESG reporting, and Ethics. However you do not need to include everything that you discussed in your paper and vice versa. Again, the information does not have to be specifically labeled Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) reporting because difference companies use different labels for essentially the same type of reporting related to social and sustainability issues. For example, “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) is often used in referring to the same types of areas as ESG. Describe how information about the company’s ethics is provided in communications about what the company is doing in these types of areas. It is expected that your main reference will be the report of the company you are covering. Although not necessary, it is acceptable that you use articles(s) about the company in your paper. Just be sure to provide references. The exact format of the reference is not important–but providing the reference for sources you have used is very important. (4-5 slides).

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