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John Noseguard, a local health department inspector, gives the following account of his visit to a local diner:


Workers at the Morningside Diner try hard to give good advice and provide tasty, satisfying food. As I walked through the kitchen, I noticed that each food handler washed his/her hands before handling the food. Paper towels were available but the soap dispenser was empty. Before preparing raw foods, they also thoroughly wash the cutting boards, dishes and other equipment. As they use their cutting boards, they wipe them with a rag and use them again to cut more food.


When preparing fresh fruits and vegetables, they wash them but are careful to leave a little dirt on them for fear of washing away important nutrients on the skins. The cooks generally prepare meats to an internal temperature of 170 Â° F. However, to preserve the flavor of one of their specialties, the pork roast is cooked to an internal temperature of 140° F. Some cooked foods are cooled to about 45° F within two hours while others are not.


To save the customer money, the management of the diner uses canned foods, even some of the cans in stock were noted to be dented. They explained that often these can be purchased at lower prices.


When leftovers are reheated, they are raised to a temperature of 150° F and then are served. Food handlers take care to remove any moldy portions of the food. The diner is especially known for its turkey and dressing which is served every Thursday. When questioned, the chef says it is because the stuffing is cooked in the turkey which gives the dressing a great juicy taste. The temperature of the refrigerators was approximately 45 Â°F.


ASSIGNMENT After reading the report:

1. List each violation of food safety that could contribute to food borne illness (7 points).

2. Choose four of these violations and describe the methods you would recommend to correct the violation (8 points).

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