Network Plan –

Network Plan
select a company or organization as the target for your Network Security Plan. The company or organization you select will be instrumental in the development of your plan, so careful consideration will be important at this point.
Points to consider in the selection of the target company or organization include:
You should be familiar enough with the network environment to allow you to complete the SLP assignments.
You should have sufficient access to network information to allow appropriate development of your plan. You do not have to access secure parts of the network, but you should be able to understand the network configuration and the major components in the network.
If you cannot find a company or organization that meets these requirements, you can create a hypothetical network to work with for the SLP assignments.
A title page with class number and name, project name, your name, and the date.
A Table of Contents with the major sections of the document (note that this document will be expanded with each SLP assignment). Use the automatic TOC feature of MS Word to create the TOC and be sure the TOC is up to date before submission.
Network Model: Describe the architecture of the network, including the major components of the network. A simple network diagram would be useful.
Security Risk Analysis: Identify the major areas of potential risk in the network. The type of risk should be included as well as the threat level.
Network Traffic Analysis Plan: Discuss how network traffic analysis will be used as part of the overall security plan.
Include a reference page as an appendix.
The document should be 3–4 double-spaced pages, excluding the title page, TOC, and reference page.

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