Networks and Data Communications

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The primary objective of this assignment is to ensure that students learn the concepts of networking and
data communications. This includes topology concepts and related technologies that are inter-woven
together in an intricate manner. The manner and methods of data transmission, internetworking concepts
as well as protocols used in data communications.

The assignment consists of three tasks, which require students to carry out research, write a report on
their findings as well as analyse the techniques used in data communication.

Task 2 – IPv4

The network layer protocol in the TCP/IP protocol suite is currently IPv4 (Internet Protocol, version 4).
IPv4 provides the host-to-host communication between systems in the Internet. Although IPv4 is well
designed, data communication has evolved since the inception of IPv4 in the 1970s. IPv4 has some
deficiencies that make it unsuitable for the fast-growing Internet.
To overcome these deficiencies, IPv6 (Internet Protocol, version 6), also known as IPng (Internetworking
Protocol, next generation) was proposed and is now a standard.

***Write a report on IPv4. Your report should include:
– An introduction to IPv4
– Description of IPv4 with a diagram of the IPv4 architecture.
– Disadvantages and issues of IPv4 that led to the development of IPv6.

Your report should consist of a minimum of 750 words.
If the word count exceeds 10% of the stated word limit, 10% of the total marks of the paper will be deducted from the total marks obtained.

Task 3 – Data encryption Techniques
Data encryption is one of the main techniques used in network security. Data encryption can be
classified into 2 types Asymmetric Encryption and Symmetric Encryption. With the aid of diagrams,
show how RSA Asymmetric and AES Symmetric encryptions work.

***Your report should include:
– Introduction to Network Security
– Characteristics of RSA and AES encryption.
– Diagram of RSA Asymmetric encryption.
– Diagram of AES Symmetric encryption.


Your report should consist of a minimum of 750 words.
If the word count exceeds 10% of the stated word limit, 10% of the total marks of the paper will be deducted from the total marks obtained. offers custom writing services, allowing students to provide specific instructions for their term papers. This ensures that each paper is tailored to the individual’s requirements, and it reflects the student’s unique perspective on the given topic. Moreover, places a high emphasis on originality, guaranteeing that all delivered work is plagiarism-free. Meeting academic deadlines is paramount for students’ success. Understanding this, prides itself on delivering papers promptly. By placing an order with this platform, students can have peace of mind, knowing that their term papers will be completed within the stipulated timeframe.


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