Write a Short Essay of 3 to 4-pages clearly defining the stance of Muslim (exclusivism, inclusivism, pluralism) in relation to diversity of opinion about religion (and/or), spirituality (and/or), divinity.  Make at least two direct quotations in reference to the Diana Eck,  two direct quotations in reference to the chapter on Prophetic Religions from Haught  and one direct quotation reference from each of the required chapters “Christianity,” “Judaism,” and “”Islam” from Weeks 7 & 8. Give at least one specific story example from your work as a health care practitioner (or in your life experience) where your stance was challenged, or formed, or affirmed (or some combo of challenged, formed, and affirmed).

Writing guidelines for all Short Essays:

  • The essay must be of the required length according to the assignment, posted as a Word Document.
  • Your grammar and spelling must be correct and will be graded accordingly.
  • Number the pages in lower right corner.
  • Typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 8.5”x11” page size, one-inch margins.
  • Block quotes of more than 4 lines are single-spaced and indented (No more than a total of 12 lines of block quotes are allowed in these very brief essays).
  • Never use a title page. Use a single-line heading: Your Name. Week 4, 9, 14, FINALS Week. Title.
  • Include only include one space between single line heading and essay

Use parenthetical in-text citations in this format: (Peters, Ch3, p45) or (Peters, Ch3, Loc.900).  If you stick with that same source for the very next citation, use this format (Ch4, p67) or (Ch4, Loc.1020). Only include a full bibliographic reference at the end of your assignment if you refer to a source not included in the required readings for this course.

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