Nursing Informatics Practice Applications: Care Delivery

Question Description

Write a workflow analysis summary of no more than 1500 words (5 pages, not including workflow diagrams) in length, following proper APA format. This summary should detail your proposed new healthcare technology system. The summary should describe how your new information technology could address one or more of the workflow problems identified in your organization/department.

Make sure to not only identify what the information technology is, but also how it will improve workflow and clinical or administrative outcomes. In addition, this assignment requires you to include workflow diagrams. Using the flowchart symbols within Microsoft PowerPoint (or other process mapping software), develop two flowcharts: one of the current state workflow prior to your new solution and another representing the future state, post implementation. These charts should be embedded into your workflow analysis summary in the appropriate logical position.

Think about issues/problems related to workflow from a clinician or patient perspective in an applicable department or organization and most importantly, a potential technology solution to correct this issue. This can be a project you are currently working on or a future project or, if necessary, a virtual project.

The paper should be written on Clinical Communications

  • Do mobile solutions/advanced hardware solutions exist that could eliminate the need for pagers, personal cell phones, or hospital cell phones? What is one area of focus that could be studied here? (e.g., communication from nurse to provider)
  • Do we need more advanced or secure messaging? What does the current state look like and what would the future state look like post implementation of a new system?
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