Nursing Leadership And Management DQ # 7 Student Reply Martha Gomez

Question 1

a-  While change is inevitable, an abrupt shift in life can have severe consequences. While a change in route to class may have some benefits to a student, it may also have severe adverse effects. Because of these unexpected challenges, I will leave home earlier. A simple change to the class route took me through a road near a construction site. With many machines and dump trucks moving through the new route, there are a lot of factors that may lead to lateness for class. While the shortcut to class may lead result in me reaching to class earlier than usual, it is an unsure route that can cause extreme delays.

b-  Mostly, I will meet new people, particularly construction workers, on my way.

c- The new route would also lead me to different sites than I am used to on normal journey to class.

d- Due to the uncertainty of the route, I would not change on a day as critical as that of the final exam.

e- I would not change the route to class on the day of the final exam because of too many unforeseen risks that may arise and potentially risk missing the exam. As observed, there are potential benefits and limitations of small changes which can   significantly affect an individual that apply in the field of nursing. One major area that a nurse leader must look into when implementing changes is the effects it may have on time management and consequently productivity (Camilleri, Cope & Murray, 2019). A change often results in the either saving of time or wastage. For example, if a minor change assigns a nurse tasks that they lack skills on, time is wasted by the nurse in learning hence productivity decline. On the other hand, a change to leverage technology such as in using electronic health records may result in saving time and increase productivity. Another effect of change that may have both negative and positive impacts is regarding relationships. Some changes can break relationships in a nursing department while others can improve them (Danino et al., 2018). For example, when a nurse manager decides to change a nurse from one team to another, the nurse loses vital relationships due to this change.

Question 2

a-  A major change that I have experienced was moving from my parent’s house to a new place after high school. While I was happy to be independent, it was quite scary as and I had to quickly adapt to a completely new way of life away from the comfort and warmth of my parents. While I eventually got used to living alone, it took me a whole lot of work and suffering to come to terms with my new situations.

b-  If I had known that living alone was going to be such a steep challenge, I would have still gone through with it, just approach it differently. I perhaps would have saved more money, be more conscious of the living expenses, and be more outgoing with co-workers and peers to help smooth over the transition of living alone.

c-  The application of the Lewin’s model of change would have been an effective measure for a comfortable change. The Lewin’s change model involves three steps that ensure a smooth transition during the process of change. The first step, unfreezing involves preparation for change and involves breaking the existing status quo. The key to breaking the existing status quo is by understanding that the current status cannot proceed in a useful manner (Tappen et al., 2004). In this case, I would start by identifying certain areas in my life which could not continue while I was in my parent’s house. The second step is changing where there is movement to the next state of being. At this point, the change is implemented, and the new reality introduced (Tappen et al., 2004). This is the step where I move to a new place of my own. Finally, there is refreezing which involves stabilizing and solidifying the new state. At this point, I would put up measures that ensure I did not go back to my parent’s house.


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