Nursing Powerpoint (Need done ASAP) Needs to be done by Wednesday 8:00PM eastern time

Powerpoint assignmentTopic/Article:HypertensionJames, P.A., Oparil, S., Carter, B. L., Cushman, W. C., Dennison-Himmelfard, C., Handler, J., … Ortiz, E. (2014). Evidence-based guideline for the management of high blood pressure in adults: (JNC8). Journal of the American Medical Association, 311(5), 507-20. Retrieved from Practice Guideline  (CPG) Instructions:Disease & Background Student:1) Identifies the disease condition2) Gives a brief statement of incidence and prevalence in the US3) The student briefly summarizes the disease pathophysiology and4) Identifies the typical clinical presentation seen in a patient with the disease (4 critical elements).· Exceptional- Student identifies the disease topic AND Student states the incidence and prevalence in the US AND Student provides a pathophysiology statement AND Student states the typical clinical presentation seen in a patient with the disease.Publication & Applicability in Primary Care The student:1) Identifies the author, organization or group that developed the CPG,2) Student denotes the year of the original guideline publication,3) Student identifies any subsequent revisions (student’s reference should be the most recent version), and4) Student discusses the applicability for use of this CPG in the primary care setting (4 critical elements).· Exceptional- Student presents a maximum of 5 relevant recommendations AND Student denotes the evidence strength for EACH recommendation AND Student discusses ONLY the ones applicable to primary careApplication in Clinical1) Using an example of a patient from their clinical rotation with the same condition,2) Student discusses how the diagnosis and treatment of their patient compared to the recommendations given in the guidelines, and3). Specific examples of what was done well or what could have been done better is noted (3 critical elements).· Exceptional- The student uses a patient example from their clinical setting with the same condition AND The student discusses how the diagnosis & treatment of their patient compared to those recommended in the guideline AND Specific examples are given on what was done well or what could have been done better (Make a patient up for this part)Please use scholarly sources only** years 2014-2019**. NO SOURCES before 2014!!Please use proper grammar, punctuation, citation. Also Provide a PowerPoint Transcript.Thank you in advance.

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