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A doctor of nursing practice is generally achieved following completion of 4 to 5 semesters or 38-48 credit hours, with a master degree prerequisite. The DNP nurses are expert level nurses practicing in advanced clinical settings at the highest level of nursing. The DNP nurse has intense practice immersion with several hundred hours of clinical training completed with application of evidenced based research into practice. The DNP can function in the role of a midlevel provider, teach at a university level, or function in a leadership role.

The PHD prepared nurse completes approximately an additional 5-6 years or 60 credit hours, with a master’s degree prerequisite. The primary focus of the PhD education is concentration in research in developing scientists and professors. The PhD nurse is extremely versed on scientific content, statistics, and research methodology with completion of a research project and defending a dissertation at completion of education. The PhD nurses complete research that is then processed and put into practice by the DNP. The goal of both programs is to prepare leaders in nursing and nursing education.

If I were younger, I believe that I would certainly pursue the DNP program. In the current setting that I work in as an outpatient chemotherapy nurse, our part-time oncologist relies heavily on the nurses to complete thorough assessments, manage side effects, and help manage all aspects of their needs. I feel this job, compared to the previous 26 years of nursing has required of me to further draw from my solid foundation of nursing, critical thinking, and guiding of holistic care. I feel that the DNP program would be the next natural step for me to progress to furthering my education and enhance my nursing career. Years ago, when my children were quite young, my boss had suggested that I go back to school with the goal to be a CNP. My education would have been paid for in return for a commitment in working as a CNP for the practice. I declined the offer as my children were young and I did not think I could juggle family time, school and work. I applaud those of you that are able to pull off working full time, school, in addition to having small childre

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