1. Find two sources featuring nutrition information. One source should be an example of accurate nutrition information and the other should be an example of something that you feel contains signals for poor nutrition information. You may find your information in magazines or on a website. Provide adequate citation of your sources so that I may be able to access the information. SUGGESTIVE HINT IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY: To find poor nutrition advise – go to a supermarket and look at the “rag” magazines – there is always poor nutrition information listed within some magazine i.e., a star went on a wacky diet etc. 

2. For the accurate nutrition information, search reliable websites —NOTE – BE CAREFUL NOT TO CHOOSE “ADVERTISMENTS” FOR YOUR INFORMATION for example – information about the benefits of a particular diet supplied by those on the diet – or an article about the benefits regarding a vitamin put out by a vitamin manufacturer.  Not saying the diet or the vitamin, referenced above might or might not be good or bad but when information is supplied by the people who could benefit from the use or purchase of a product – there are red flags that we should be aware of.

3. After reading the information in the textbook and using the information you found, write 1 paragraph, minimum 100 words, identifying why one article is an example of good nutrition information and write 1 paragraph, minimum 100 words, why the other is not an example of good nutrition. Use your textbook to reference your examples.  This should be a typed, double-spaced, one-inch margin, font size 10-12. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE CITATIONS OF YOUR SOURCES. 

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