omparison of Different Structural Forms of Long-span Bridge –

omparison of Different Structural Forms of Long-span Bridge
Project description
1. LW should have own finding.
2. If there are something Optimization and creation, you would get a high marks.
3. Strongly suggest the bridge in this research is in HK or Asia.
4. Experiment in Part2. e.g. Computer model (SAP2000, Etabs, CSiBridge, etc), hand-made model, data analysis, etc.
5. Numerical analysis is required.
ear Mr. Supporter,
First of all, thanks for your help. I am a part-time mode study student.
The working hour is high in HK; your help can decrease my pressure so much.
I need you to support my whole research in Part 1A & 2.
“Analysis and Optimization the Structural Forms of Cable-stayed Bridge” and may be adjust with approve by my supervisor until the end of this Part1A. Do you have better suggestion on structural research topic?

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