opioid addiction overprescribing cara

briefly touch on how providers were over prescribing opioids in the past and then go into more details with now the problems and consequences of opioid overuse (could also touch on how this has led to more hospital admissions and other health problems) and abuse and also touch on the financial impact of this in the US and the dangers of overprescribing opioids and then at the end put in how this has led to the policy of Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) and how the remainder of the paper will discuss the benefits and then the impacts of this policy on nurse practitioners. You do not need to go into great detail discussing the CARA policy as this paper will be added to one already in the works that has gone into details on the policy. After addressing all the information above you will then write about how CARA policy impacts nurse practitioners. you may also briefly touch on how this may affect any issues with insurance if you can find any sources related to that. You do not need to write about the benefits of CARA that I mentioned above how you would describe the remainder of the paper talking about the benefits and impacts on nurse practitioners. I just need you to add that to the end of that first section as I have already covered the benefits and will be adding it into the paper.

Extra Information:
the impacts on nurse practitioners should only be a paragraph or two. the rest of the paper should be focused more on all the topics listed in the first part.

APA format. provide references

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