Organizational Analysis/ “Case Study” / Best Laid Incentive Plans –

Organizational Analysis/ “Case Study” / Best Laid Incentive Plans
Case: Best Laid Incentive Plans
Organizational Analysis – CMM – Bolman & Deal methodology
Introduction (1 p.): Identify Current situation and CMM level analysis. For example, I suggest you start with the following:
Rainbarrel Products is a diversified consumer-durables firm emerging from a recession
more slowly than its peers. Under the leadership of the organization’s COO, Hiram
Phillips, it has enacted several changes over the last year with mixed results. (Continue
with your introduction of the current situation of Rainbarrel.)
(Present your ideas as to the firm’s CMM level. Include a level of ‘claim and support’ for
your argument.)
Structural Frame (1 p.):
Use this section to describe this case relative to the structural frame.
Discuss the organization’s goals and objectives, programs, policies, processes, metrics, etc
– Report what happened in the case (who, what, when, where), addressing only the structural changes have been made as per the case.
– Analyze what is working and what is not, using only the structural tools.(i.e.‘customer care response time improved from x to x).
– Identify issues that will need recommendations to fix.
H.R. / Political / Symbolic Frame (2 p.):
Discussion / Analysis:
Use this section to describe this case relative to the cause and effect that the structural changes have had on the HR/Political/Symbolic frames.
– Report (who, what, when, and where) and Analyze (what is/is not working and why/why not) through identifying the cause and effect between the structural changes and the element under discussion. There should be a level of inclusion of management theory, but references are not required.
Elements that must be included are:
– HR frame: Addresses the ‘humanness’ of the organization including the material covered in the Organizational Behavior section of the course.
– Political Frame: Addresses how this organizational deals with scarcity (of facilities, resources, budgets) through coalition building, power, decision-making, conflict, political skills, agenda setting, mapping the political terrain, and networking.
– Symbolic Frame: Addresses the organization’s cultural assumptions and elements: culture, myths, vision, values, rituals, and ceremonies.
– Identify issues that will need recommendations to fix.
Recommendations (1 p.):
Drawing from the list of identified issues within the organizational analysis, identify recommendations using on the following format:
1. Problem (with identification of root cause)
2. Solution (recommendations)
3. Benefits (be sure to include CMM theory here)

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