1. Executive summary 2. Intriduction 3. with specific reference to chapter 12 and material on leadership, use the 8 competencies associated with effective leader to develop a simple questionnaire. ask a co-worker fo frankly assess you on the 8 leadership competencies. provide 4 specific actions that you will undertake to improve upon your leadership competency skills. 4 with specific reference to chapter 9 and materials on communication, desribe the nature of the communication process in your team as your work on the team report. identify and describe 4 speific ways that the communication process in your team can be improved. 5. with specific reference to chapter 11 and materials on conflict desribe a particular situation that resulted in conflict or tensions or anxieties in your team. Describe how this was handled. Describe 4 speicific ways that conflict resolution process in your team can be improved. 6. with specific reference to chapter 14, adapt the materials on organizational culture profile dimensions to develop a simple questionnaire and use this to describe (assess) the name of your team culture. Describe 4 specific change strategiecs that you will recommend to “substantially improve” the culture of your team. 7. identify one country in each of following regions of the worldL the Americans and Africa. Reference chapter 2 and the section on values across cultures. look up hofsteds’s actual data on the two countries with repesct to individualism/collectivism and power distance. Create a simple table using the data you gather. explain what you find with respect to these two dimensions and highlight its managerial implications for managing in an increasingly global world. 8. conclusion At least six scholarly. Double space, 1 inch margins, at least 25 pages

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