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There are many factors that determine what skills fall into a nursing scope of practice. From my research in our textbooks and readings as well as my own experience I have pinpointed some aspects that shape what we call our “scope of practice” as nurses. State boards of nursing determine what we can legally do as nurses, they set standards of what should be included in nursing practice. The state boards then collaborate with nursing schools to make sure there are standards of nursing skills and education that will shape nurses to deliver safe care to the public. State boards throughout the nation ensure the state regulations that are set for nursing scope of practice are appropriate. Laws are also created and discussed each year that will affect nursing practice and this is constantly changing, due to the evolving world of nursing. (Grand Canyon University ,2011)

Another factor that determines scope of practice for nursing is the degree of an individual nurse and educational preparation. A bachelor’s educated nurse’s scope of practice is much broader than an LVN. There are many more skills and assessments that these nurses are legally allowed to provide for their patients. (Creasia and Friberg ,2016)

Also, a nurse can earn a certification or work on a specialty unit. For example, nurses who work on a cardiac/telemetry unit have a scope of practice that include initiating and maintaining cardiac drips. Most medical surgical nurses are not qualified or trained to do this. Even ICU nurses are licensed to initiate certain drips and practice certain skills that other nurses have not had the training for. The environment of where you work as a nurse also determines your nursing scope of practice. For example, each hospital has its own policies and procedures that determine how their nurses practice. (Creasia and Friberg ,2016) Having a scope of practice ensures that nurses are only providing care for which they are qualified to provide, this ultimately improves patient’s safety and outcome.


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Bridge to Professional Nursing .( 6th Edition. ). St.Luois,MI : Elsevier.

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