pediatric nursing 5

Goals of paper: PEDIATRIC NURSE

  • To research, write, and present about a health care career of interest
  • To demonstrate what steps are needed to pursue this career: how to apply to your program choice, prerequisites, using webadvisor
  • To describe how and why you chose this career; your values and goals
  • To describe time management strategies and study skills needed to achieve this goal
  • To project strengths and potential obstacles
  • To complete this course with a better understanding of a health care career pathway
  • To share your findings with fellow students, thus promoting a better understanding for others

By the end of week 2, you should choose the health care career choice you will be researching, and begin a reflection journal. Each week, you will gain more knowledge about yourself and your career choice through the assignments.

Questions to be addressed in the paper:

  • Content
    • The scope of practice
    • The level of education neededlicense requirements
    • The standards of practice and ethical code for this career
  • Self-Expression & Awareness
    • What did you learn about this career that you did not know before?
    • What are your perceived strengths and potential obstacles that should be addressed?
    • Do you have external challenges; family, work, financial, time?
    • Reread your journal, talk about your AHA moments and insights gained from this course
    • What are some of the success strategies you will adapt, or currently use that work for you?
    • How do your values and goals align with this career?
    • How do you cope with stress?
    • If this is the career you want to pursue, do you have the time, commitment, and support to accomplish this? Please explain.
    • What are your next steps?
    • How do you apply to the program, what prerequisites must be taken?
    • Do you have a long term plan that includes transfer? If so, have you thought about where?

The paper must be in APA format, 3-4 pages length, plus a cover page and reference page. All phrases of words that are not your own must be cited and referenced, including page number for direct quotes.

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