persuasive speech outline persuade my audience that the cleveland indians or other teams should should not replace their ethnic mascots

5-6 minutes (different from what is stated on the syllabus)

*5 sources required (MLA style works cited page required, can also be APA style)

*Must have 5 oral citations in your speech and 5 in-text citations in your outline (one for each source you used)

*At least 1 presentation aid is required

*Must use one of the persuasive speaking organizational patterns to organize your main points! Please label your outline with the organizational pattern you chose (Problem-solution, Monroe’s motivated sequence, Comparative advantage, or Refutation pattern).

*Credibility statement is required, telling us why you are credible enough to speak about the topic you chose (in your introduction, after the preview)

*The purpose of the speech is to persuade your audience

follow outline I am attaching (one sentence for each point) and add some information at the end of the outline because I speech has to be 4-5 minutes, thank you.

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