phil lustration maryland s commission south africa s trc

Requirement of the first one paper:

Based on the Standard Encyclopedia article section on lustration as well as on the first two chapters of the Rosenberg book:

What is the point of lustration as a post war policy? how can it go wrong? What are the best ways to avoid these pitfalls?

1 page final paper with 2-page draft paper, double spaced, four quotes from above noted sources.

The Standard Encyclopedia article section on lustration can be found here:…

The first two chapters of the Rosenberg book:

rosenberg.pdf, which is uploaded with this requirement.

Requirement of the second one paper:

Maryland has recently set up a truth and reconciliation commission to address the state’s history of lynching.

As an expert on truth commissions (and post conflict policy more broadly), you’ve been hired as a consultant to the commission.

In particular you’ve been asked to write a five page memo explaining what Maryland’s commission can learn from the work of South Africa’s TRC – which lessons and methods

should it adopt? What can the state learn from the South African experience about the political tensions surrounding this kind of work?

5 pages, 8 quotes at least from the assigned literature on truth commissions.

Some information on the work of Maryland’s Commission can be found here:…

South Africa’s TRC:

Hayner, Unspeakable Truths

New Yorker essays (Ignatieff.pdf, which is also uploaded with this requirement.)

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