Philosophy –

“What Integrity Means to Me as an Information Tech Profession”
Please compose and type a polished two page double-spaced essay on integrity
Due, ____________________________________________________________
1. In formulating your answer, please think, reflect and draw upon the ethical issues, theories, principles and readings that you’ve studied during the semester of Information Technology Ethics & Law.
2. Define what integrity means to you and how you hope to maintain your ethical standards as a practicing IT professional.
3. Include what you think are the most important ethical concerns that you will face as and how you will handle them. Please give some specific examples.
Here are some thoughts about integrity to help you get started, but you need not follow them for your essay.
Integrity is focused on the moral agency of the IT professional individual, Integrity is comprised of a few basic features: 1) moral autonomy and responsibility for our own moral code; 2) fidelity to promises, we keep our word; 3) steadfastness, standing true to our principles even when fear or temptation is great.
Integrity is a fundamental value underlying ethical behavior. Sometimes the IT professional’s values conflict with respect for a client’s autonomy; with the rules, policies, and expectations of the business; or with the views and wishes of colleagues. Balancing such multiple obligations may result in “moral distress,” as the tension between ethical ideals and experienced reality challenges the professional’s moral autonomy. However, as important as it is for IT professionals to maintain their individual and professional integrity, it is also necessary to work with others in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration in order to serve the best interests of the clients.
-be sure to use ethical principles–think of this as a “free write with ethical principles”
Ethical Principles: Tools for Solving Ethical Dilemmas
Respect for Persons
Paternalism or authority
Safety or Human Worth
Egoism or self-interest

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