Phyllis Young Only! Week 6 assignment

6.1 Assessment: Complete the “How Mach Are You” self-assessment and discuss your results. Were you surprised at the results or did it confirm what you already knew? In what was does society and organizations embrace or reject Machiavellian behaviors? 500 words max.
( Use this link for the ” How March Are You” self-assessment)

6.2 Article Critique: Critique the Sauer (2011) article on new leader. In 2-3 paragraphs, explain how this article impacted your understanding of the research topic. Did this article reinforce or contradict the readings and discussion you have been exposed to thus far on this topic? Be specific and cite additional sources such as course texts and articles.
Sauer, S. J. (2011). Taking the reins: The effects of new leader status and leadership style on team performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(3), 574-587. (use this article )

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