pjm380 mod3 discussion post 250 words apa cited reference

Please respond to the below discussion post in at least 250 words and APA cited reference

Read all course materials closely to understand the key concepts we are covering in this course. The required readings are foundational to your understanding; complete them early in the week. The discussions are your key opportunity to collaborate with your classmates and your instructor. Participate regularly in the discussions to maximize the value of your course experience.

To be successful during this week, it is recommended that you complete the requirements as listed on the course syllabus and in Module 1 For Your Success. In addition:

  • As you complete the required readings, think about the most effective tools and techniques that can be used for project planning purposes.
  • This week you have one Critical Thinking assignment to complete. For more details about the assignment, see the course syllabus and the Critical Thinking assignment and rubric in the Module 3 folder.



Based on a review of Part 2, Section 3, of the PMBOK® Guide, 6th

edition, itemize and describe the common steps involved in planning a

project. What are the deliverable outcomes from the project planning

process? Describe how the Microsoft Project software application (or

another software application that you are familiar with) can be used to

assist in the planning process. Relate your response to experiences you

have had in the workplace or elsewhere.

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