please answer the questions as completely as possible

Exam #1

Please answer the questions as completely as possible. Most questions can be answered in 2-3 paragraphs. Double-space your answers. Don’t worry that the spacing makes your answer seem long. Bring two (2) copies to class on Monday, October 1.

Give credit to the authors we have read when you refer to articles or videos. If you do not know the author’s name (or director’s name), it is fine to use the title and the source, e.g., YouTube. Credit is important so that (1) you acknowledge the author or source, AND (2) I can find your references if I don’t understand what you have written.

For example: (Taylor, “Brand is Culture”) for the Fast Company article OR

(Aspen Ideas Festival, “A New Vision of Corporate Purpose”)



In the material that you have read about finding a career that is suited to you (such as the Myers-Briggs) and the mechanics of finding the right internships and contacts (why networking is important), there are some ideas that you like and some ideas that you don’t feel comfortable with – or value. BASED UPON WHAT YOU KNOW TODAY ABOUT YOURSELF:

  • State what your major is (or will be) and what you want to do with it after you graduate. In a few sentences, why have you chosen this career? (at this point)
  • What are four activities that you can do this academic year to get closer to your postgraduate goals? Describe each one and why it is important. State how you will make sure that it happens this year (2018-19).
  • Of all the career-oriented activities you can get involved with this year, what is the most exciting to you? Why? The least exciting – or that you might not want to do? Why?


The culture of the organization can make a big difference about whether it is the right company for you: it might be the career that you wanted, but will the organization be the kind that will support your career ideas? Your beliefs about what you will do outside of work? Other parts of your life? DESCRIBE THE CULTURE OF YOUR IDEAL COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION (a non-profit? An established company? A start-up?)

  • Do you work set hours such as 8 am – 5 pm or can your hours be flexible as long as your work is done? Can you work at home or at Starbucks? Describe a typical workday – don’t be afraid to be colorful.
  • How do employees dress day to day? Is there a difference depending on your job or a particular activity? Please describe.
  • What is the ideal vacation policy? Is it the traditional 14 days per year or more? Should everyone have the same amount of vacation?
  • Do employees spend time with each other involved in “non-work activity” such as a softball team? Habitat for Humanity Saturdays every few months? What is the value of such group activities?


  • Based on your readings about IBM and Microsoft, both may seem like “old” companies compared to Google but they are alive and have a niche in the marketplace. If you had the chance to intern for IBM and Microsoft, what could you learn about corporate purpose?
  • Watch the Aspen Ideas You Tube Video again:…

Compare two key ideas from the video IBM, Microsoft, Google, and NUMMI. What challenge does each company face to be part of this “new world”?


  • Give credit to the authors and/or sources we have read/watched.
  • Double-space your exam; do not skip four (4) lines between paragraphs.
  • Upload your exam
  • Please bring two (2) hard copies to class on Monday. Put an electronic copy in a safe place with a file label that includes your last name and “HRM 1101 Mondays Oct1 2018 Exam 1” as in:

Trentino HRM 1101 Oct 1 2018 Exam 1

Do not forget to put the exam in a safe place such as a thumb drive or cloud storage.

4. STAPLE your exam in the upper left hand corner.

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