please finish all this parts for each subject question in several sentences

please finish all this parts for each subject question in several sentences.

question1:Are governments or people more empowered by social networking technologies?

question2:Is it good or bad to make money from selling user information (like Facebook and Google do)?

question3:Who has a better way of doing ads, Facebook or Google?

question4:Will the crowd completely replace experts as the way we judge what is right or best?

question5:Should we just make a policy that there is no information privacy online?

question6:What’s more important, to keep information secure or to promote the free flow of information on the net?

question7:Is Google evil?

Will traditional print books go away?

Is it OK to have multiple different identities online?

Who has better design, Apple or BMW?

Are mobile or web interfaces generally better?

Which is more important to Facebook, back-end or front-end data?

Is good or bad?

Will texting be replaced by something different before too long?

Is gamification good or bad?

Is cyber-bullying a big problem?

Will mobile phones replace standard computers in the future?

Will programming become a skill every child learns (like reading and writing)?

Is the Google index like a book index?

Will computers ever be better than people at responding to questions?

Will computer technology bring us a better or worse world?

Is video gaming good or bad?

Is immersion in virtual reality good or bad?

Should your country engage in cyberwarfare?

I claim that

I believe it because

I believe it because

I believe it because

Some may counter-argue

Some may counter-argue

Some may counter-argue

To them I say

To them I say

To them I say

My reasons prove my claim because

Claim – What to do (full rubric)

A claim is the start of any position. To begin, make a claim that you truly believe and feel that you can support with evidence. It should be a short statement that you will try to prove is true, and that is not just based on your opinion. It should also be a statement that others might reasonably believe is false. In other words your claim should be controversial.


Claim: If Ada Lovelace had not worked with Charles Babbage, it would have taken early computer scientists longer to see computers as more than just powerful calculators.

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