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Research and present project

From the Rhode Island Police and local weather data (Police Dataset, Weather Dataset) or…

Use a dataset and question from the Data Sets and Questions or use an dataset and questions you like to research.

Do the following:

1. Acquire the data and establish research questions*.

2. Perform data analysis.

3. Develop a presentation on your findings.

4. Present to class (10 min max)

Grading (100 points total)

  • Data analysis – 20 points (submitted Jupyter output)
  • Power Points – 30 Points (submitted Powerpoint file)
  • Presentation – 50 points (in class or video / screen capture)

Submit the two files (Jupiter file output (print to PDF) and the PPT file.

* Examples of ways to explore the data:

  • Do the genders commit different violations?
  • Examining traffic violations
  • Comparing violations by gender
  • Does gender affect who gets a ticket for speeding?
  • Comparing speeding outcomes by gender
  • Does gender effect whose vehicle is searched?
  • Comparing search rates by gender
  • Does gender affect who is frisked during a search?
  • Comparing frisk rates by gender
  • Does time of day affect arrest rate?
  • Calculating the hourly arrest rate
  • Plotting the hourly arrest rate
  • Are drug-related stops on the rise?
  • Plotting drug-related stops
  • Comparing drug and search rates
  • What violations are caught in each district?
  • Plotting violations by district
  • How long might you be stopped for a violation?
  • Plotting stop length
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