please read the instructions very carefully

The grade is 6-8

The place is New York I will attach a link to the national state standards

The subject is English. with a mix of English speaks and English language learners (ELL).

The lesson should be English language related. like creative writing or building vocabulary or ,learning to write a paper. In one of my classes we did name poems where students wrote about themselves using where, when, why, what and how.

Be creative but remember to follow the template

Instructional planning requires well-written learning objectives. A learning objective must be Specific to the content being taught, Measurable, Attainable by students, Relevant for students’ development and growth, and able to be accomplished within the Time restrictions of the class (SMART). Clear learning objectives keep the instruction focused and help the students understand the learning expectations. Learning objectives must also be aligned to academic standards. Accurate alignment will guide instructional planning and enhance student academic success. Integration of technology in lessons creates student engagement, but needs to be carefully reviewed for relevancy and meaningfulness.

Use the “Modified COE Lesson Plan Template” to create a lesson plan in your content area that is aligned to Arizona or your state standards. This lesson plan will be expanded upon in Topic 5 to include differentiation.

Be specific when including the following:

  • In the “National/State Learning Standards” section : Include state standards that support the theme of the lesson.
  • In the “Resources, Materials, Equipment, and Technology” section : Include technology to enhance student learning and creativity.
  • In the “Multiple Means of Expression” section : Describe one formative and one summative assessment.

At the end of the lesson plan template, write a 250-500 word rationale justifying the choice of standards and how they support cross-curricular learning as well as how the chosen technology enhances student learning and creativity. Explain how the formative and summative assessments described in the lesson plan, accurately (validity) and consistently (reliability) assesses students’ learning.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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