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Pop Culture vs. Scholarly Research Relationship Paper Assignment
Paper format This is a formal research paper that will adhere to MLA or APA research writing standards. Please consult your style guide for details. The standards set forth (as described earlier in this packet) for the POPs also apply here.
purpose To provide you with an opportunity to compare and contrast popular culture sources versus research based sources regarding communication within relationships.
Assignment overview In this paper, you will choose 2 popular culture sources (i.e. magazines) articles regarding effective communication in relationships and compare that to information found in scholarly research articles and communication text books.
Requirements Your paper will use at least five sources to write this 4-6 page paper (not including title page and citation page(s)). One of your sources must be our textbook and two must be “scholarly” sources. The other two sources will be magazines.
“Scholarly” sources include books and research journals on interpersonal communication that are rooted in research rather than in personal experience or anecdotes. Great places to get sources include the library’s databases: Proquest, InfoTrac OneFile, and others. When searching for a scholarly source in the library’s databases, be sure to check search box for scholarly or research articles. This function will save you loads of time! If you have any questions about sources, writing, format, etc. please let me know! ?
You will prepare and include a traditional bibliography page for this paper in APA or MLA style citing all your sources. In addition, your papers will include in-text citations giving credit for paraphrased and quoted material from your sources. Both the bibliography and in-text citations are crucial parts of this paper and without either/both, your paper will automatically receive a zero.
Finally, your paper should include a substantive introduction and conclusion as well as high quality writing, and professional and consistent APA or MLA formatting and documentation. See the following description of the required sections of your paper for the additional paper requirements and guidelines.
Step 1:
Find Two Magazine Articles First you will want to look at a number of magazines to get ideas on topics. Magazines you could consider include Cosmopolitan, Self, Seventeen, Shape, Men’s Health, Maxim, FHM, etc. You will be looking for articles regarding types of relationships and relationship issues. Find two different articles that describe communication within relationships. These can be within the same magazine, but should be completely different articles. Please do not choose articles related to celebrity relationships.
Potential Types of Relationship Articles
Types of interpersonal relationships
Friends Dating Coworkers Coach-Athlete Step-parents Etc…
Siblings Newlyweds Boss Teacher-Student Step-siblings
Parents Married Romantic Pre-dating
Potential Types of Issues Communication issue or quality
Gender Love Maintaining relationships Culture/Race Dating
Male-male Romance Dissolving/terminating Trust Disclosure
Female-female Conflict Listening Jealousy Secrets
Male-female Attraction Self-concept Cheating Humor
Sexuality/Sex Non-verbal Perceptual Differences
Step 2:
Do the Scholarly Research Once you have found two magazine articles that interest you, you will then look through scholarly research sources (journal articles or other communication texts) for information you can use to prove or disprove the information given in the magazine articles. We will discuss in class what is considered to be scholarly research, along with some techniques to find articles.
Step 3:
Write the Paper Here is an outline of what should be included in your paper (page lengths are just suggestions).
Introduction (1 pages)
• Include a brief overview of what magazines and what topics your paper will cover.
• Include any interest you might have in the topics covered.
• Why is this topic is important to be studied? (i.e., What is the universal theme? So what? Who cares?)
• What do you propose you’ll do in this paper? (What’s the road map?)
Discussion of Magazine Article 1 and Scholarly Research Regarding It (2 pages)
• Discuss the content of each of your first magazine article
• Discuss the scholarly research you found that proves/disproves the content of the magazine article
Discussion of Magazine Article 2 and Scholarly Research Regarding It (2 pages)
• Discuss the content of each of your second magazine article
• Discuss the scholarly research you found that proves/disproves the content of the magazine article
Discussion of General Observations about what You Learned from the Paper (1 page)
• Include any additional thoughts you have about themes discovered from examining both magazine articles and the research regarding them.
Conclusion (1/2 page)
• Review what you’ve done in this paper/for this project. That is, restate your road map—the question, the answer, the highlights of the research and your experience, discussion, etc.
• Then, end with the significance of the project. Why does any of this (the project, the question, the answer) matter??? What can be gained from reading this or knowing this?
Add your bibliography (in MLA it’s called Works Cited, in APA it’s called References).
Add a cover page if it appropriate to the style you are using.
Double check your in-text citations.
Edit your paper (have the Writing Center take a look at it for you!).
Noting your sources Remember, your final paper will include attaching your final, updated, precise bibliography in either MLA or APA style (which corresponds to the citation style you’ve chosen to write your paper in) to the end of your paper. This is a serious and formal research paper and thus demands proper attribution of expert thought and word. You must cite all of the sources listed on your bibliography in your paper. If you fail to cite sources in your paper and/or fail to turn in a bibliography with your paper, you will automatically fail the paper. Without research and documentation, this is not a research paper and thus will receive a zero.

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