powerpoint presentation 229


  • The purpose of this part of the project is to demonstrate the student’s ability to develop a concise presentation suitable to present to a Board of Governors.
  • The presentation introduces a comprehensive strategic and marketing plan with operating projections for a health care organization or department within selected urban or rural settings.


  1. Include speaker notes on PowerPoint presentation that would have been used for narrated presentation. Narration is NOT necessary. (10 Points)
  2. Visual Presentation:
    1. Attractiveness & quality of visuals (color, font, image, text) (10 points)
    2. Readability & Flow (10 Points)
    3. Correct spelling & use of grammar & Reference Slide (10 Points)
  3. Content of Presentation:
    1. Description of agency/facility (10 Points)
    2. Patient care delivery process/Model of care (5 Points)
    3. Description of the strategic plan (10 Points)
    4. Description of the marketing plan (10 Points)
    5. Discussion of Product/Service Line and Volume Projections (15 Points)
    6. Summary of proposal – Why should the Board Members approve your proposal? (10 Points)
    7. Reference slide (graded under visual presentation)

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