Choose a brand that has been battling counterfeit goods ( aka knock-offs). Answer the following:

  1. Briefly summarize the history and image of the brand
  2. How has the sale of counterfeit goods affected the brand. Specifically include the Public Relations effects.
  3. What efforts has the company made to protect its brand from counterfeits? Have there been any lawsuits or legal actions taken?
  4. Go to the company’s website and see how it uses the site to communicate its message about “battling fakes”.
  5. Should the company just ignore the fakes that are out in the worldwide marketplace?
  6. What is your personal opinion about counterfeit goods?

Meeting minimum requirements (-answering all parts of assignment correctly, min. 350 words, spell/grammar checked) earns a satisfactory grade of 75-80. Extra effort—-going above and beyond minimum requirements = higher grade.

Be sure to answer all parts of the assignment. State your sources. Spell/grammar check, as well as proofread. Writing co

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