1. is ordered pair a solution? check

(-5,2) b+3a17


2.Solve using the elimination method x+6y=55


One rental agency rents a van for

$ 27
per day plus 0.17 per mile. A competitor rents a truck for $17 per day plus $0.19

per mile. For what mileage is the cost the same for renting the van or the truck for one day? Round to the nearest thousandth if necessary.

4.The owner of Nuts2U Snack Shack mixes cashews worth $5.75 a pound with peanuts worth $2.30 a pound to get

a half pound, mixed nut bag worth $1.80. how much of each kind of nut is included in the mixed bag?

5.In a right triangle, find the length of the side not given. Approximate to three decimal places, if necessary. Keep in mind that a and b are the lengths of the legs and c is the length of the hypotenuse. a=9, c=15, b=?

6.Solve the system using the substitution method. x-4y65


7.Solve using the elimination method. 6x-3y=4


8. For the following problem, (a) Write a system of equations to represent the problem (b) Solving using the graphing, substitution, OR elimination method.

There were 36,000 people at a ballgame in Los Angeles. The day’s receipts from $12 reserved seats and $6 general-admission seats were $258,000 How many of each type of seat were sold?

9. formula v= root of ( 20L)can be used to estimate the speed of a car, v, in miles per hour, based on the length, L, in feet, of its skid marks upon sudden braking on a dry asphalt road. If a car is involved in an accident and its skid marks measure 180 feet, at what estimated speed was the car traveling when it applied its brakes just prior to the accident? attached

11. is attached as well

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