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Situation: Mike’s Tees, a relatively large company that prints T-shirts, is developing a system that allows customers to upload their image files on a server and have them printed on T-shirts. The
project was drafted and planned to start several months ago; however, the key stakeholders decided that it would have to wait while they remodeled their information technology (IT) infrastructure.
It is now time to pick up where they left off. Recent budget cuts have decreased the amount of money allocated for this project by 45% from the original estimates. Also, because of the late start,
the development schedule has been shortened by about 40%. The IT manager wants this system fully integrated with the new IT framework. The CEO would like to automate the process as much as
possible. The lead programmer thinks some of the requests are not logically or physically feasible. He is also concerned that the new time constraints are woefully inadequate. He proposes licensing
a similar system owned by an IT solutions company, but warns that this system only meets 65% of the key stakeholders’ requirements. The Project Manager (PM) has to orchestrate a significant project
with little time and money and a small development team of three members. It is a very tough situation, especially considering it is her first job after her promotion to PM. She does not want to
let any key stakeholders down by cutting their requirements. Read Chapters 6 & 7 (files uploaded) or download links. Number your document from 1 to 4 and answer the following based on the situation
above: 1. Describe 2 techniques the PM could adopt to successfully complete the project given the reduced budget and time frame. 2. Discuss 2 benefits of licensing a similar system offered by an IT
solutions company. 3. Discuss 2 drawbacks of licensing a similar system offered by an IT solutions company. 4. Would you recommend licensing this system despite the fact that it does not fully meet
the key stakeholders’ requirements? Explain or justify your responses. Note: Do not write introduction & conclusion. Do not plagiarize. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can
add additional references.

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