presentation 291

—Hi there i worked with you before and i want you now to do a presentation on power point( 15 slides and 30 secs for each slide )

.Presentations need to include:

1) Inquiry Question

2) Where this fits into Bronfenbrenner’s Model

3) What does the research say about your topic? (be clear and concise!)

4) What did you find out from your inquiry? (include information from your interview, and from your field trips, observations, web search, etc.—photos, images, quotes, etc.)

5) What does this topic look like in another culture? (remember, use as much imagery as possible!)

6) Final conclusions about how this topic impacts human development—what should we take away from this inquiry?

7) References: Include academic resources, course material, interviews and any other information you used (this should all fit on one slide at the end).

—the other thing is i want you to make editing on the paper to include an implication and conclusion paragraph(What does your inquiry tell us about human development? This should be about one paragraph to one page in length.).

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